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BOXBAG - Magnetic Locker Bags

Every golfer who owns a caddy box knows the problem. As a rule, the rented metal boxes have no storage locations, so everything lies at the bottom: shoes, balls, tees, tools, birdie books, and everything else a golfer needs.

This annoyed us too, and in a golf shop we asked for a magnetic bag or something similar that could be used in a caddy box. The salesperson thought the idea was excellent, but said that, unfortunately, such a bag did not exist.

Together with bag designer Lisa Horndasch from the Bagstudio, we went on to develop the magnetic bags. The result is the BOXBAG Collection with the five functional models Classic Bag, Shoe Bag, Panel Bag, Light Bag and Top Box. All bags come in the three colour combinations of red/black, blue/black and beige/black.

Two magnetic systems are integrated into the backs of the bags, so they can be attached to any metal box or locker - at exactly the location you'd like to have them. The anti-slip coating ensures they stay in place even when "heavily loaded".

The only bag with four magnetic systems is the Top Box, which was developed for attachment to the roof of the Caddy Box.

The models Classic Bag, Shoe Bag and Light Bag can also be used as 'normal' bags, because they look good outside as well as inside the box.

For cupboards made of plastic or other materials we offer self-adhesive metal disks to which the magnetic bags can be attached. As an accessory there is the Private Case, which can be attached to almost any golf bag by means of a snap hook. Carrier straps for the models Classic Bag and Shoe Bag are also available.

All BOXBAGs are made of hard-wearing nylon material and are of high-quality workmanship. The prices range from 49.90 to 59.90 . The BOXBAG Collection is available from select dealers and from our Online Shop.


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